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New Products: All I Need Naturally

Disclaimer: Being a member of naturallycurly.com’s Trendsetter Insights community, I received these products for free to review.  I received the Moisture Retention Leave in Conditioner with Baobab, Baobab Growth Oil Cocktail, and Baobab Creamy Curl Refresher.

I just joined this online community a month ago, so I was pleasantly surprised when about two weeks ago, I received an invitation email from Naturally Curly to test out these products and review them on their website.  The set includes a leave-in conditioner, oil, and curl refresher.  I do already use these types of products, so I gladly accepted.  I must say that I appreciate them listing the ingredients of each product to help members make a decision as to whether they would be interested.  These products from All I Need Naturally do have some quality ingredients.

They came with some tape over the tops of the bottles to keep the contents from leaking out.  Smart!

Front Sealed

I made sure to get some good shots of the front of the bottles, as well as the description and ingredients.  (My raggedy towel backdrop, though, is a different story.  I need a new backdrop.)

Front 2Description 2Ingredients 2

I see myself getting use out of every one of these products.  Although in my last entry, I wrote about how putting oil on my wet hair made it super stringy, I should not have this problem if I use a small amount.  After all, the bottle of the Baobab Growth Oil Cocktail says to use 2-3 drops.  I used a lot more than that last night!

While I will be posting a review on naturallycurly.com within a week, per the program conditions, I will likely wait at least a few weeks to put a review on this blog, just so I can more thoroughly test it.

Oh, and I got some samples too!  I got the Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Sulfate Free Shampoo (whew, what a name!), Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream, and Twisted Sista Intensive Leave-in Conditioner.

Samples FrontSamples Back

Can’t wait to use them 😀


My Hair Feels Great!

After about a week and a half of having no hot water in my house, the technician finally came over this morning and fixed our water heater.  Of course, after the gym today, I took a nice warm shower!  Lately, I haven’t had a chance to use the hair products that I’d like, due to the increased difficulty in bathing, so I was happy to use my Live Clean shampoo and conditioner tonight for some much-needed moisture.

Live Clean Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner.jpg

After washing, I used my Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla leave-in conditioner and for a change, did not comb it through; I simply sprayed it all over my hair so as to keep my freshly washed waves relatively untouched.  Then, I scrunched in my Göt2b Kinkier Gloss ‘n Define Curl Cream (discontinued, unfortunately) and finished off with a little bit of grapeseed oil mixed with a tiny amount of Nature’s Truth Good Nite essential oil on my ends and baby hairs.  Although applying oil all over my hair can make it look flat once it’s dry, it works well on my ends, plus I find that applying oil on my baby hairs when wet helps them lay down, preventing the sides of my head from looking bald.

Styling Products 1

Blogger of the year setup right here!
Ha, I wish.  These photos were taken with my LG G3 phone.

Yes, I’m so fancy that I keep my grapeseed oil in a huge plastic seltzer bottle, of which I didn’t even bother to remove the label!  As for that little Justin Bieber perfume atomizer…

Styling Products 2

…that’s where I keep my grapeseed oil, with several drops of the Good Nite essential oil mixed in.  I also spray some on my skin before going to sleep.  I love multi-functional products.

Low Porosity Hair Needs Heat for Maximum Conditioning Effectiveness

It’s Sunday and my house still has no hot water.  The technician came on Thursday, took a look at our water heater, and ordered the parts.  The parts arrived on Friday, but there was no available technician to come install them on that day, meaning that we must wait until at least tomorrow to get our water heater fixed.  This means I still have to take baths with pots of boiling hot water mixed with cold water! 😡

Instead of co-washing yesterday, I actually washed my hair with shampoo, since it needed a deeper clean.  I used my VO5 Extra Body shampoo, rinsed, then applied Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair deep conditioner, left the conditioner in for 10-15 minutes as I filled up my tub and washed my body, then rinsed it out.  Any washing or rinsing of my hair was with cold water from the shower head, to avoid having to fill the tub more than once.  My hair was due for a deep conditioning, but unfortunately, it didn’t work so well this time.  Now that I think about it, it’s probably since I only used cold water on my hair.  I guess low porosity hair like mine really does need heat for deep conditioners and treatments to work.

Next time I deep condition, although my hot water will be fixed by then, I think I will wear a heated cap so that it can penetrate more deeply.  Some ideas for how to heat my hair include:

• A self-heating cap, like the Evolve Platinum Deep Conditioning Cap
• A TheraPearl pack, heated in the microwave oven
• Hot Hands packs, or ThermaCare heat wraps (both contain iron powder and generate heat when exposed to air)
• If I don’t mind occupying one arm for a while, the heat from a blow dryer

Evolve Platinum Conditioning Cap

TheraPearl Sports Pack

Hot Hands

ThermaCare Heat Wrap Advanced Neck Pain Therapy

Of course, with all of these methods except for the self-heating cap, I will first need to apply a plastic cap, then a towel or t-shirt on top.  Although some of these may sound crazy, I think I’ll give at least one a try sometime. 🙂

First Impression: DevaCurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit

This blog may make me seem like I’m obsessed with DevaCurl, when in fact, the first time I’ve ever used any of their products was…about an hour ago, when I washed and styled my hair with the products in this kit.  It comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and styling product: the Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight, and Wave Maker.

Wavy Kit Front

Wavy Kit Back

I must mention first that before washing, my hair felt incredibly flat at the roots today (I used gel to slick my hair back in a ponytail for the gym last night), yet had the usual hairs sticking up while in a ponytail today since I forgot my gel, and looked dry at the shaft.  Today was quite humid here in New Jersey, and we had a fair amount of rain…and now it’s pouring and thundering as I write this.  I used to detangle in the shower, but recently started using my Tangle Teezer on my dry hair before washing, doing the bottom section of my hair first, then working my way up.

Whereas I usually take rather warm showers and use warm/hot water on my hair (not so bad since my hair is low porosity), today, the water just wasn’t heating up.  The colder water may have had some effect on my hair.  I usually squeeze the excess water out of my hair before getting out of the shower, but today I left it soaking wet as I applied my t-shirt to my head after my shower.

I wanted to LOVE these products, but after using them once, I have mixed feelings.


Low-Poo Delight: Has a slightly thinner consistency than that of most sulfate shampoos I’ve used.  When they say “mild lather cleansing”, they are not kidding!  I’ve used other sulfate-free shampoos that lathered much better than this, and I felt like I had to use a lot of product just to get it well-distributed on my scalp, almost as if I were co-washing.  In fact, I must have used a lot more shampoo than conditioner.  I wasn’t planning on using my shampoo brush, but ended up doing so since the Low-Poo felt like it wasn’t getting my scalp clean.  The shampoo brush actually helped a lot.  However, as I rinsed it out of my hair, my hair had the same kind of moisturized feeling that I get when applying oil to my wet hair.  This would be great if it were a conditioner, but I don’t know how I feel about that for a product that I apply to my scalp, especially since my scalp gets oily after only two days.  I see that glycerin is the third ingredient, so it could have been that.  I actually wouldn’t mind having to use so much product if only DevaCurl were not so expensive!

One Condition Delight: Same kind of scent as the shampoo; quite pleasant.  I would say it is of a medium thickness, probably comparable to Suave Naturals conditioner.  It moisturized my hair just fine, but nothing about it stood out to me, so I’m not sure if I could justify the price of a full size.  Like with any other conditioner I use, I kept finger raking to a minimum so I would not lose much hair.  However, I will say that with the combination of shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt moisturized enough that I felt that I did not need to use my leave-in conditioner.

Wave Maker: After what I would consider a ho-hum wash, this “touchable texture whip”, as it’s called, really impressed me!  It has a creamy yet moussey texture, and it smells quite nice.  The tube says to use a nickel-sized portion, but I used three dime-sized portions the same way I apply my gel: on both sides with my head rightside up, then in the back while my head is flipped upside down.  My hair is currently drying and the waves/curls look so defined!  Although I rarely use any styling products besides gel or mousse, just because I guess they’re the most easily accessible and do the job for everyday, I’ve found that Göt2B Kinkier Gloss ‘n Define Curl Cream (sadly no longer in production) and Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion also make my hair look great.

Other things not specific to each item:

Packaging: 1.5 fl. oz. tubes.  The caps are sturdy yet make the tube difficult to open, especially with wet hands in the shower.  I had to use a dry towel to flip open the cap.  Of course, the full sizes come in bottles, not tubes.

Scent: Fresh, clean, not too strong.  The Wave Maker also had a bit of a sweet hint to it.

Price: $12 for the kit.  As previously stated, each tube measures 1.5 fl. oz.  The 12 fl. oz. Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight typically run at $22, and $44 for 32 fl. oz, whereas the full size of the Wave Maker usually goes for $26 for 5 fl. oz.

Although the Wave Maker is pricey and is not very widely available (my local Ulta has it, but not CVS or Harmon), out of the three products in this collection, this is the only one that I would actually strongly consider buying.  However, I will continue to use all three to see how they go.

Some bonus photos of how my hair looks now:


First Impression: Live Clean Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner

Disclosure: I got these for free in my Influenster Daisy VoxBox a few weeks ago.  However, me receiving these products for free has no impact on my opinion of them 🙂

In case you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s a website where you can receive samples and full-sized products of mostly beauty products, but also other things like food, health items, and pet products, for free, in exchange for leaving reviews and participating in social media activities.  The more activities you complete, the more free stuff you can get.  I haven’t been too active on the site for quite some time, so I was surprised that I got the Daisy VoxBox, which included this shampoo and conditioner as well as several other samples, and a full-sized bottle of gummy probiotics.  If you’d like to join, here is my referral link that you can use: http://www.influenster.com/r/1551609

But anyway, this blog post is about the hair products.  Let me stay on topic!

Since I’ve been phasing out sulfates and silicones from my hair routine and have been wanting to try new shampoos and conditioners, I’m very pleased that I received these.  I have thus far used them only a couple of times and will need to use them a little more before I can give a full review.  However, here is my first impression.

(Yes, that is a big white envelope I used as a backdrop.  So fancy and professional.)

Just like they claim, the shampoo and the conditioner are both quite moisturizing.  In fact, I think the shampoo is the most moisturizing I’ve ever used.  It doesn’t contain anything that feels like it’s coating my hair, unlike another shampoo I tried recently that left my hair feeling so nasty I had to wash it again the next day.  (In case you’re wondering, it was Head & Shoulders Classic Clean.  Not sure what possessed me to try it out.  Luckily, it was just a sample packet.  I gave what was left of it to my dad because I hated it that much.  It even irritated my scalp, which never happens!)

The conditioner is quite thick.  One problem I’ve noticed with it, which I suppose is more of a packaging issue, is that it’s a little difficult to get out of the bottle, causing me to have to squeeze the bottle hard, which then sometimes squirts out too much product.  When I last used it, I got too much conditioner out of the bottle and just put it all on, making my hair feel a little flat.  Being that my hair gets weighed down easily, I’m probably going to have to keep a little empty jar to put any excess in.

I don’t feel like I need a leave-in conditioner after using this shampoo and conditioner.  I’m still experimenting with my post-wash routine, so I guess I’ll need to see what works best with these.  I think a gel would be best, as opposed to a mousse or cream.  Not sure if it’s because my hair is fine, or wavy, or low porosity, but a lot of moisture in my hair can make it limp, and feel like it’s lacking structure.  Gel should take care of that!

I’ll honestly need to be more consistent with these products, since I’ve been trying out a ton of stuff lately.  Then I’ll be able to more accurately report my findings.

DevaCurl at CVS

Stopped at my local CVS today to check out the DevaCurl items for selection and price comparison purposes.  I still need to try out my DevaCurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit I bought at Ulta, but that one has the Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight, and Wave Maker, none of which CVS sells.  However, depending on how it goes, I may want to try the Curly kit, which has the No-Poo Original, One Condition Original, and Styling Cream.  (Although I’ve seen a few wavy-haired ladies try the Decadence shampoo and conditioner, which are in the Super Curly kit, I’m very sure they would not work for me.)  The Low-Poo Original isn’t in any of the mini kits, but it is one of the items that DevaCurl sells separately in mini bottles, so I may want to try it.

CVS gives me a 30% coupon almost every week, and sometimes an additional 20-30% off coupon, both of which can be used in one transaction.  Supposing they work on salon hair care items, I could get an excellent deal!

There’s another CVS in my town that I still need to check, especially since a lot of things there are a little cheaper than at this one.  I also need to check Harmon.  I think they may even have generics of some DevaCurl products.  I’ve already confirmed today on a trip to Walgreens and Target that my local stores don’t sell DevaCurl.  Since about 95% of my beauty products are from the drugstore, or at least within a drugstore price range, if I’m going to buy high end products, I’d like to save as much as possible!

TJ Maxx haul…plus something from Ulta

Looks like I can write blog entries from my phone.  Great!  I have quite a few photos that I take with my phone, and this makes it very convenient to include them in blog posts.  Actually, I may even want to create one from my phone for the purposes of uploading a picture, publish, then edit and write the rest on a desktop computer…like I’m doing right now 😛

I got some goodies at TJ Maxx and Ulta this past Monday.  (Luckily, I had a gift card to use at TJ Maxx, since I spent quite a bit by my standards!)  I’ve been trying to get away from sulfates and silicones.  I actually tried the Curly Girl method years ago, then stopped, but I’d like to start again.  I also have been collecting carrier oils and essential oils of all kinds, to use for my hair and skin, so I got an argan oil and a rosemary oil too, plus a natural toothpaste for good measure.

I must add that if you’re into essential oils, TJ Maxx is a GOLD MINE.  Although they had a great selection, most of what they had were either things I already have or oils that I can’t use at this time.  However, I’d been looking for a rosemary oil and finally found one…after looking around for a while on the shelves…and getting my hands a little messy.

The Devacurl Wavy Mini Transformation Kit was from Ulta and cost $12.  Since Devacurl is so expensive, I just had to buy this little kit.  It comes with a mini Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight, and Wave Maker styler.  They also have some for Curly and Super Curly hair, which include heavier washes and stylers that would probably weigh down my hair!

At TJ Maxx, I got two little Shea Moisture shampoos.  I have a feeling the Raw Shea Butter shampoo may be too heavy for my hair, but for only $1.99, I figured I’d satisfy my curiosity.  (The Fruit Fusion Coconut Water cost $2.99.)  I’ve never heard of the brand Essano, but I saw this shampoo and conditioner duo for only $4.99 and was curious about that too 🙂  I didn’t see any reviews online, but apparently their Rosehip Oil is well liked.  TJ Maxx had that too.  Maybe I’ll go back and get it…

Of everything I bought, I’ve only use the argan and rosemary oil thus far, and they’re quite nice!  I actually already have an argan oil from a brand called Grandma’s Home, available on eBay, and that one is so thick and a little sticky, whereas this one from Argan Magic is thinner, yet that’s not a bad thing to me.  I will happily use both!

I’ll eventually crack open these other products.  Can you tell I like to try a “little” (literally) of everything?