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No More Sulfate Shampoos…(Probably) Forever

Tonight, I finished up the last of my sulfate shampoos!  For the past few months, I’ve cut down my use of sulfate shampoos from 3x/week to just once weekly, to use as a clarifying shampoo after 3 days of no washing.  I’ve really started to see an improvement in my hair since then.  It feels thicker and denser at the roots.

A week or two ago, I finished my VO5 Ocean Refresh shampoo, and tonight, I finished my VO5 Extra Body shampoo.  Moving forward, for my weekly clarifying, I will be using my mom’s Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo.  I know she will not mind as long as I buy her a new one if I finish it 🙂  A 16 oz. bottle costs only $3.99, so while it may not be as dirt-cheap as the VO5, it is still quite affordable.

I must also mention that it smells REALLY good.  I guess I won’t need to worry about the invigorating smell keeping me awake when I wash my hair at night, since I generally clarify on weekends only.


Co-Washing for Practical Purposes

There has been no hot water in my house since this past Thursday.  Just our luck that the water heater broke on a holiday weekend -_-  We had a technician come check it out on Sunday, since that’s the soonest we could get anyone in, and he inspected to check what parts we would need, and said he would come back on Tuesday with the parts to fix it.  It is now midnight on Thursday and still no parts.  It seems like they weren’t even ordered!  We will be going with another company that will get the job done faster and cheaper.  In the meantime, instead of taking showers, I’ve been taking baths in my tub by mixing the cold water from the faucet with two big pots of hot water I’ve boiled on the stove.  Very inconvenient, especially on weeknights!

What does this have to do with hair, you ask?  Well, since I still need to wash my hair every two days, and having to boil water to mix with the cold water is fairly labor-intensive (and time-consuming to boil so much water), I have been co-washing this week so that I will only need to rinse my hair once, rather than twice if I were to use a shampoo and conditioner.  When I washed my hair on Saturday, I actually did shampoo and condition, but was only able to rinse out the conditioner after draining and refilling the tub with cold and hot water mixed together.  That is just too much work!

I actually do pre-cleanse my hair before co-washing, with a 50/50 mix of apple cider vinegar and water in a hair color applicator bottle, because I use quite a bit of gel to slick my hair back in a ponytail on gym days.  (Most wash days for me happen to also be gym days.)  I apply it to my scalp and a little to the rest of my hair, then rinse out.  However, since it doesn’t make the bath water soapy like shampoo would, it is much more practical.

For co-washing, I have been using VO5 Volumizer conditioner, mixed with a little water into a trial-sized bottle.  (It is thicker than the other VO5 conditioners I’ve used, so it helps me to dilute it a little.)  After applying it to my roots all the way to my ends, I massage my scalp with my Sally Girl shampoo brush, then comb through my hair a little with a wide-tooth comb.  Then I apply a little more conditioner at the ends of my hair, and clip it up while I wash my body.

Yes, I know, it does contain dimethicone, but it is #8 out of 20 on the ingredients list, and I had a lot of this conditioner at home.  Since co-washing uses so much conditioner, I thought I’d at least give this stuff a try before buying something new.  I haven’t been able to find this variety anywhere since I bought it on clearance at my local ShopRite last December, so I will be buying a different one next time regardless.

To rinse, I use the cold water from the shower head, keeping my head upside down the whole time.  Not only does this prevent the cold water from running down my back, but it seems to also help give more volume.  After rinsing, everything is the same as my usual hair routine: squeeze out the extra water from my hair, plop with a t-shirt, and apply my normal styling products.

The VO5 Volumizer conditioner has quite a bit of slip and is not too heavy for my fine hair and oily roots.  However, I think I may need a heavier conditioner for my ends, since they have been looking quite dry by the second day as of late.  I think I will need to deep condition soon.  Hopefully the hot water heater will be fixed by my next wash day.